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Non-Controlled Property Sale Fillable Form (Requires Acrobat Reader)

Non-controlled property does not have an asset number assigned by the Property Control Department. Non-controlled property does include “red tagged” property. Property will be inspected by the Property Custodian or approved designee at the school/department to determine condition and to decide the disposition of the property as to whether the item will be disposed, repaired, or sold,or donate items to non-profit organizations.

Non-controlled property will not be picked up except during scheduled campus clean ups.


The Property Custodian or approved designee must determine that the non-controlled property is no longer needed within the School District. Property will be inspected by appropriate personnel at the school/department to determine condition and to decide the disposition of the property as to whether the item will be disposed, repaired, or sold.

Once the non-controlled property has been approved by the Property Custodian or designee, the school/department may chose to sell the property. The revenues received from the sale will be deposited into the school/department’s district allocated funds via District budget amendment form or internal funds.

To deposit the funds into the school’s internal funds account, documentation must be provided that the sold item was purchased from the internal funds account.

The following procedures shall be implemented for the sale of non-controlled property at the school/department: Property Custodian/Designee approves non-controlled property for sale.

 Locate for sale items in a restricted area for safety and security purposes. List property approved for sale on a “Non-Controlled Property for Sale” form for each sales event. Advertise sale date, time, item description, condition etc.

 Conduct sale onsite at the school campus. Designate a person to collect money at the onsite sale and record collections. Designate a person to reconcile money, property sold and remaining property.

Turn in money, inventory for sale form, money collected form, and reconciliation paperwork to the school bookkeeper.

Due to segregation of duties requirement, the bookkeeper shall not be the person designated to collect money at the onsite sale.

The Bookkeeper will submit the money to the District finance office to be deposited in the school/department’s district fund. If documentation is provided, the funds can be deposited into the school’s internal funds account.

Create a binder for non-controlled property sales. All paperwork from each sales event shall be included in the binder.


 The Surplus Manager will prepare a yearly schedule of proposed campus cleanups.

 The purpose is to provide schools a disposal option for property not disposed of via the above options.

 The schedule will be announced to principals, assistant principals and school bookkeepers prior to the beginning of the school year.

.A copy of the schedule will be provided to the maintenance department and the director of the custodial service. Property deemed repairable or otherwise useable will not be picked up and school personnel will be directed to contact the approved vendors for pick up.

 Schools not prepared for the campus cleanup on their scheduled date will be bypassed and placed at the end of the schedule, if possible.

 Campus Cleanup Procedures Contact the surplus manager and provide a point of contact for your school cleanup that will be used for further coordination.

 Consolidate property to be picked up in an accessible central location the day prior to your scheduled campus cleanup date. Personnel from the surplus department will visit the school prior to the cleanup in order to assess property and personnel requirements.


To ensure a complete pickup of property, please inform the surplus manager of property that is located in more than one central location.

 Campus cleanups will be cancelled for schools not prepared according to these procedures.

 If you determine that your school does not need to be scheduled for an annual campus cleanup, please contact the surplus manager.

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