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 Controlled Property Information

Controlled property that has become worn out, damaged, or nonessential, and has been ascertained that the property is no longer needed within the School District will be transported to the Surplus Property Warehouse upon receipt of a properly completed transfer form. Most asset numbers begin with the letter Y.

To schedule a pick up please fill out the form below and submit to the Surplus Dept:

Transfer to Surplus form

The form shall be completed with the identifying Y# if applicable, and the serial # along with a description of the controlled property. Once complete, the form shall be printed, signed, and forwarded to the Surplus Department.

Technology Related Equipment and Electronics

ALL Technology Related Equipment and Electronics that have become worn out, damaged or nonessentialshall be turned in to the Surplus Property Warehouse.

This includes controlled and non-controlled technology and electronics equipment. All technology related items must be cleared through the school/department’s technology contact person. The school/department’s technology contact is required to “sanitize” all hard drives.

Desktop computers, laptops, computer monitors, keyboards, printers, computer cabling, projectors, shredders, radios, televisions,stereos, speakers, PA systems, VCR/DVD players, calculators The technology and electronics property will be packaged by the Property Control Department for recycling purposes through an approved vendor.

In short anything with a plug in cord will be picked up.


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