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Campus Clean Up is designed to remove non-controlled items or non-technology items such as broken desks/chairs etc. that have no use, we can pick those up on this date.

Remember controlled items & technology items need to be on a “Transfer to Surplus” form and are picked up separately on different dates than the Campus Clean Up. Offered bi-annually.

Campus Clean Up Schedule

School Year 2018-2019

Campus Clean Up Date spacer   Campus Clean Up Date
Rhodes 7/24/2018   Sims 10/30/2018
BRE 7/26/2018   Holley N Primary 11/ 6/2018
WBMS 8/1/2018   Holley N Intermediate 11/14/2018
Jay Elememtary 10/2/2018   Hobbs 11/29/2018
Dixon Primary 10/9/2018 West N Intermediate 12/4/2018
T R Jackson 10/17/2018   Holley N Middle 12/11/2018
0341 West N Primary 10/23/2018   King Middle        12/18/2018


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