Teenage Parent Program (TAPP)


      TAPP Information                                                          TAPP Provider Listing

Teenage Parenting Program Summary                                        Early Learning Coalition Offices:

Statute 1003.54                                                                                        Milton - 6555 Caroline Street   Milton, FL 32570

TAPP Resource Manual                                                                                           Phone: (850) 983-5313

TAPP Instructions                                                                                     Gulf Breeze - 3188 Gulf Breeze Parkway

Enrolling the Child of a Teenage Parent                                                                        Gulf Breeze, FL  32563

Sample TAPP Letter                                                                                                          Phone: (850) 916-5415

Forms (For School Use & Retention):                            

TAPP Letter                                                                                                          

TAPP Checklist for Compliance                                                                        

         TAPP Parent - Student Placement Form                      

TAPP Child - Student Placement Form  

Student Support & Assistance Plan Form

Record of Services Form B - Example

Record of Services Form B

Ancillary Services Form C- Child Care

Ancillary Services Form D - Health Services

TAPP Parent - Student Evaluation Form


Forms (Return to Early Learning Coalition):

         2018-2019/Instructions Reporting Expenditures TAPP Attch A 2018-2019.pdf

         2018-2019 TAPP Supplemental Form Attachment B (Copy to Early Learning Coalition & Student Services Office)

                 In the right hand corner check New for New Enrollment

                 In the right hand corner check Update for students who are Withdrawing (Write Withdraw on Form)

                 Be Sure to notify the Student Services Offices when a student withdraws.  

TAPP School Case Manager Section 1 & 2

                 Copy to Student Service Office after Early Learning Coalition completes