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Clinic Information

Medications Immunizations Health Card  
When a child becomes sick at school he/she is sent to the school clinic, housed in the main office.  A trained health technician listens to the complaint and determines whether or not it warrants a call to the parents.  The technician will attempt to identify those who truly feel bad prior to the call.

When a child does not feel well, the technician checks the temperature and the student will lie down, especially if fevered.  A student with a temperature must be picked up from school.  They may be contagious and our clinic is not large enough to keep a sick child all day.  We are not allowed to give any medications, such as Tylenol, or apply any topical ointments on injuries, by Florida Law, without a signed release from the parent.  We also do not supply any meds, parents must bring in.  In order for us to administer any medications at school (either prescription or non-prescription), a parent must complete a medication form ahead of time.  When a child comes with a knee scrape we cleanse the area and apply a Band-Aid.  When bumps occur, an ice pack is applied.  In case of any serious bump, bruise, or abrasion, the parent is called.

Students are not allowed to bring meds to school.  They must be brought in by parent/adult.


MEDICATIONS.  If a student needs to take any medications during the day, either prescription or non-prescription, the following requirements must be met:

1.  The medication form must be fully completed and signed by the parent.

2.  The medication should be brought in its original container and must be stored in the school clinic as soon as the parent brings it to school.  The expiration date and instructions for administering the drug must be printed on the label.

3.  Only the school health technician can administer medications.

4.  Each new illness/medication requires a form.

5.  Students requiring daily medication can have a medication form completed by the physician that will be good for the year, or the extended period needed.  Parents should bring it to the school each month it is refilled.

6.  The school does not provide any medication.

7.  Frequent requests for the administration of non-prescription medications will be monitored and may require a doctor's note.

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IMMUNIZATIONS:  Florida law requires all public school students to be fully immunized.  A Florida certificate of immunization must be in the cumulative record of each student.  Proof of immunization (Florida immunization certificate) must be presented at the time of registration.

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HEALTH CARDS:  A health card must be on file for every student.  These cards are sent home the first day of school or the day you register.  All cards must be kept current.  At any time during the year there are changes (address, phone number...) please alert us.

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