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S.S. Dixon Intermediate

Home of the Junior Patriots

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Facts about S. S. Dixon Intermediate School

Proud to be part of the Pace Patriots team!

    In 1994, S. S. Dixon Elementary School split into two separate entities.  Grades kindergarten through second grade stayed at the original school on Hwy. 90 in Pace, while grades third through fifth moved to our new school built on Education Drive.  Sixth grade was housed with Dixon Intermediate for four years while waiting for the completion of Sims Middle School in 1998.  Then the feeder pattern was completed:  Dixon Primary, Dixon Intermediate, Sims Middle, and Pace High School.  All schools in Pace work together to ensure the continuity of the students' education from one level to the next.

    The two elementary schools carry the name S. S. Dixon in memory of Mr. Sam Dixon, longtime Pace resident and principal of the original Pace Elementary School.  His widow, Ethel Dixon, taught school many years at Dixon and is still an active member of the Pace community today. 

Picture of Mr. Sam Dixon

Mr. Sam Dixon


     We have a total of 43 classroom teachers, 2 ESE classroom teachers, 2 PE teachers, 1 Art teacher, 1 music teacher, 1 Media Specialist, 1 full-time Guidance Counselor, 8 full-time Resource teachers, 1 Academic Intervention Specialist, 2 Math Intervention Specialist,1 gifted teacher, 1 1/2  speech therapists, 15 Educational Support staff, 1 Assistant principal, all under the direction of a principal.  Our student population currently stands at 865 students, demographically divided as follows:

Asian: 1.6% Black: 3.4% Hispanic: 6.9%
Indian: .7%  Multi: 7.2% White: 80.2%

   Dixon Intermediate has adopted the theme, Wild About Learning, with the animal/jungle theme radiating throughout the school.  Each hallway is designated with a special name:   300 hallway is Tiger Trail, 400 hallway is Elephant Walk, 500 hallway is Panda Parkway, and 600 hallway is Alligator Alley.  Other important areas include Monkey Media (Library), Gorilla's Gazebo (Art), Macaw's Manor (Music) and the Rhino Range (PE field).  Each day the students depart school from the Jungle Jeeps Exit (bus ramp).  Both staff and students at Dixon Intermediate are truly Wild About Learning!

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    In addition, our Mane Drag (main hallway) is decorated with student artwork.  Every Dixon student and staff member has created a ceramic tile that depicts our Wild About Learning theme.   These tiles are now a permanent addition lining the hallway.  We've left room for our future students. 

Picture of Tiles on Wall

Principal's Message