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AR Goal for this year:  Reading within Students' reading range 80% or more percentage correct!

Students enjoy the Accelerated Reader program.  The AR program is a web-based computerized reading management program by Advantage Learning Systems, Inc.  It is as easy as 1,2,3!

1. Select a book.  Students make their choice from thousands of outstanding titles available through Renaissance Place.  The students should make sure they choose books within their reading range.  Their reading range is based on the STAR Reading test, given by their teacher several times each year.  Their reading range changes based on their STAR report. The books range in reading level from first grade through secondary school.

2.  Read the book.
  Students read their books at their own pace.  This becomes an important element to the student's independent study time.   Many students are involved with good literature.  They eagerly discuss books and recommend them to their friends.  Scores are usually better after they discuss their book with someone.

3.  Take the test.  Many students find this to be one of the fun parts of the program.  They take a web-based computerized test, featuring 5, 10, or 20 multiple-choice comprehension questions.  The program tells the student how many questions were correct and awards reading points.  Reading points are based on the book's point value and the number of correct answers.  If the student passes the test, their teacher can rest assured that the student really has read and understood the book.  Our goal is for students to test with a minimum of 90% or higher.

Accelerated Reader Theme

As a subscriber to Renaissance Place, over 120,000 quizzes are available for our students to choose what they want to read and quiz on.






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