Santa Rosa County
School Related Employee of the Year
Nomination Packet & Guidelines


  1.  One employee is to be selected as the school/site School Related Employee of the Year
  1. The following information should be given to the Site School Related Employee of the Year (SREY) Selection Committee which includes previous non-instructional nominees as well as other school related staff. 

 A.    Nominations are to be made by non-instructional personnel only from the school related employees assigned to the school/site.  All school board support personnel, whether full or part-time, are eligible. Examples of educational support employees who are eligible for nomination include, but are not limited to

  • Teacher Aides
  • Paraprofessionals
  • Library Aides
  • Bookkeepers
  • Secretaries and Clerks
  • Bus Drivers
  • Food Service Staff
  • Resource Officers
  • Transportation Workers
  • Custodians
  • Maintenance Workers
  • Warehouse Workers
  • Mechanics

Contracted employees (custodial, food service, health technicians, and transportation) are not eligible. Distributing a complete list of every eligible non-instructional employee at your site would be helpful before the nominations are made.

B.      Sites: 

(1)  Each school
(2)  Canal Street Offices (including Information Technology Services I.T.S.)
(3) Tech Support Services (T.S.S.)
(4)  Maintenance
(5)  Administrative Support Complex (to include BAC/Pre-K Development Center)
(6)  Dillon Administration Center 

Custodial, Transportation and Food Service employees are to be included in the selection process at their assigned school/ department site.
C.   The Site Nomination Form is to be used to develop the list of names for your ballot.
D.    Voting for names listed on your ballot is to be done by school related employees only.  
E.     It is suggested that ballots be counted by your SREY Selection Committee, excluding anyone who is on the ballot
and should include at least one ESP representing SREA.

  1. Submit the online nomination form to be completed by December 13, 2021.  NOTE:  Please only submit this form once per nominee.  It must be completed in one sitting.  If not completed, do not submit, but close the page and start over at another time.  Avoid use of nominee name, (use "he," "she," or "our nominee"), school or department in the description.     You can print the online form to gather the information and then submit online.

 Avoid use of nominee name, (use "he," "she," or "our nominee"), school or department in the description. 

**SPECIAL NOTE:  No other materials will be considered by the Selection Committee. ONLY material shown on the designated forms will be considered. 


  1. Extends himself/herself beyond basic required duties by displaying initiative and creativity.
  2. Contributes to the students, school and district he/she serves in the following manner:
    • Promotes learning
    • Creates positive relationships with parents, students, coworkers & community members
    • Makes schools, safer, healthier and more attractive
  3. Earns respect and admiration of colleagues and the community.
  4. Demonstrates exceptional skill and dedication on the job.
  5. Displays exemplary leadership abilities through active participation in school or district and community activities, and/or by making decisions and delegating effectively and diplomatically.
  6. Exhibits good interpersonal skills.
  7. Utilizes in-service and/or training to consistently improve and develop skills.
  8. Demonstrates exemplary interpersonal skills in communicating with students, families and community members, as well as collaboration with other professionals.



(for selection of the Santa Rosa County School-Related Employee of the Year)

November 12, 2021     Nomination packets posted on district web site and an e-mail sent out to district personnel

December 13, 2021      Online Nomination forms due. 

April  2022         School-Related Employee of the Year Banquet; Moredetails coing soon.