Connie Willoughby

West Navarre Primary

Our Nominee has been the "face" of our school for many years.  She greets everyone with a smile and does whatever is needed is to help parents, families, and students. 
She genuinely cares for our students.  Every Christmas she sponsors one of our students in need and buys Christmas gifts for not only our student, but any children living in the household. 
Parents know her and appreciate her. They always comment on how welcome they feel when they walk into our school.  They often ask for her by name when they call on the phone because she has established a positive relationship with them. 
She treats staff like they are her family.  She is always there to answer questions and provide support.  When she knows a staff members is going through a rough time, she will call them or send them a card or small gift.  
She does her job with amazing accuracy, but what makes our candidate special is how she goes above and beyond in creating positive and lasting relationships with parents, students and staff.  She is an amazing person who is caring and kind.  She goes above and beyond caring for others which is why she is our SREY and should be selected as the Santa Rosa County School Related employee of The Year.