Sean Reilly

West Navarre Intermediate



Our nominee is an outstanding individual that exemplifies dedication and commitment to doing what is necessary to help our students be successful every single day! He is a valued member of our school family and community. He keeps the arrival and dismissal car rider lines running smoothly, helps to develop safety plans and procedures, attends special evening events at school and serves on our school’s threat assessment team. He is always someone we can count on when the need arises. He truly goes above and beyond the call of duty. In addition to ensuring our school is a safe place for students to learn, it is not unusual to see him answering the phone in the front office, helping out with cafeteria duty or holding the hand of a pre-k student while walking him/her to class. He is a true example of the saying, “Jack of all trades.” He is visible on campus all throughout the day with a positive attitude and friendly face that teaches our students to trust and respect others.  He reinforces our school wide expectations of truth, loyalty, responsibility, courage, and respect. We sincerely appreciate all your contributions and are honored to have you serve as our Santa Rosa Employee of the Year.