Barbara Simpson

TR Jackson Pre-K


Decorator extraordinaire is what our nominee should be called!  So is this REALLY important?  It IS when you are the secretary of a pre-k and need to keep little children occupied when their parents come in about business.  Miniature furniture, a huge dinosaur bookshelf purchased and painted by her, appropriate toys and seasonal decorations all combine to make a wonderful, happy and welcoming environment for 2, 3 and 4 year olds. 
Upset parents on the phone?  She can get to the bottom of a problem in a short amount of time. Oftentimes it has nothing to do with the school.  She is like a detective and finds out the nitty-gritty and what is wrong.  Maybe they are out of baby formula and that is why they are stressed?  She manages to get it for them!  Food problems?  She finds who they need to talk to! This is all because she has such a heart and she CARES!
Marquee signs are her specialty, too!  Ever seen a boring marquee in front of a school?  That would NOT HAPPEN at our pre-k.  She searches for ways to make seasonal colors and decorations on the reader board so families are enticed to read what it says.  Parents don't have to wonder what is going on at the school.  They just read the board and know.  Community member even mention that they enjoy the board. 
Last but certainly not least is the way that she treats little children.  When they enter the front office they think that they are the most special child in the school.  They are always welcomed just like the parents and are always conversed with like they matter so much to her...because they DO!
The things mentioned above may sound so little but they make a BIG DIFFERENCE in the climate of a school.  She makes that difference happen!