Stacie Carlson

SS Dixon Primary

Flexible. dedicated, reliable, positive and passionate are just a few of the characteristics that our nominee conveys on a daily basis.  I like to think of her as our "campus ninja" since she can often be found jumping in to assist in just about any situation on our campus but quietly removes herself from the spotlight when recognition and accolades are being passed out. 

When teachers describe her, they sing her praises for providing them support through her efficiency in the production room. With the changes in reading curriculum this year, teachers have relied on a larger number of copies than usual to meet the instructional and interventional needs of the students.  Our nominee went above and beyond by showing up early and staying late to make sure these materials were ready and teachers had what they needed to provide appropriate reading instruction to our students.  Rarely do our teachers have to wait for a three day turnaround in production.  Our nominee is organized, proficient, and keeps our production room from getting behind.

Outside of her normal, daily responsibility of providing copies and production items for the 804 students in attendance, this individual shares her compassion and love for life with some of our most at-risk students. She accompanies a nonverbal, CBSA student to PE each day.  This position has been posted and vacant since July, but our nominee gladly stepped in to serve in this capacity and fulfill one our greatest needs.  In addition, she provides Tier 1 reading instruction in second grade classrooms throughout our school.  When the days are over, you can find her serving on our school's STEAM Leadership and Parent Engagement Leadership Teams. 

We are honored to recommend our nominee as Santa Rosa County's School Related Employee of the Year.