Jennifer Spearman

SS Dixon Intermediate

As a substitute, our SREY quickly became a familiar face on campus and before long she officially became part of our family.  Since then she has worked closely with our dual certified teachers to provide additional support in the classroom, she served 1 year as a para in our CBSA classroom working with our most medically fragile students, and recently she was hired as our Guidance Assessment Assistant.  She is a quick learner and everyone on campus has grown to love and appreciate her.  She does an amazing job making sure our students and their family members have clean clothes, food, and school supplies.  She makes sure our guidance department meets the various needs of our students and she takes it upon herself to help others without being asked.   Daily she makes her rounds checking on others to see what she can do to help support them.  Recently, she has spent a great deal of her time reaching out to others to collect donations and gifts for our school wide Angel Tree.  With her effort, we were able to provide more assistance than expected.  Also, we have had many students lose close family members this year and she has went above and beyond to make sure the school is meeting their emotional and physical needs.  Whether it be collecting money to donate, providing meals, or simply being available.  Our faculty and staff members, students, and their families greatly appreciate her and feel as though she deserves this recognition.