Marcus Royal

Oriole Beach Elementary


Our most outstanding nominee should be considered for this award because does amazing things in his CBSA class. He is a very patient man and he will help absolutely anyone who needs him wherever there is a need around our building. EVERYONE knows who this guy is... he just has that presence about him that says "I am a good, safe, person, who is willing and able to help" So both kids and adults are drawn to him! He loves our kids and it's not fake when we see how much the kids love him, he is doing something right. He has connection with other students at our school as well as the kids in his class. He always smiles no matter what and so many kids look up to him.   I think if he wins, he will represent our school and our county very well. Our nominee is a positive force and you will always find him contributing to the well being and safety of our students. His kind disposition to all and his willingness to step in where needed make him a pleasure to work with and a true representation of what an educator should be!