Deputy Matthew Robinson

Holley Navarre Primary



Our SREY demonstrates love and compassion for their job. He is often the first smiling face that greets our car rider parents and students in the morning and the last smiling face they see when they they leave. Our SREY shows the true meaning of one that loves what they do and has lots of fun while they are here at school. He helps create that fun and loving school culture that everyone including students, staff, and parents want to be around and at the same time helps the expectation for our students to show respect, good behavior, and to make good choices. He is one that will put everything down to help when we have a student, parent, of staff member that is need of someone to talk to and provide that support and mentorship when needed. He is a huge cheerleader for our school and plays a big role in the safety, security, and wellbeing of students and staff. He is a part of the safety and threat assessment team as well as the integrated services team where he provides valuable input to ensure the safety and security for all students and staff. He is a role model for our students and his positivity and energy is infectious. He happily performs his required duties and goes above and beyond his job responsibilities. His level of initiative is unmatched, and he anticipates ways to improve our school safety on a consistent basis.   We are honored to name him our SREY!