Tara Burke

Holley Navarre Middle



Nominating this individual for Non-Instructional Employee of The Year was without hesitation. The nominee has shown significant dedication and has demonstrated exemplary job performance in her duties as a paraprofessional. Additionally, by dedicating her time and skills assisting in the front office she built relationships with her students, coworkers, and community members to make the school better and safer for all. Her dedication to the studentsí success is on display every day as she tailors the teacherís lesson plans based on studentsí individual education plans and their most effective learning traits. The time and effort put into each student have proved successful. The students trust her methods and can verbally express their desire to learn under her guidance. She comes to school every day with a smile on her face and her positive attitude is contagious. Her coworkers often emulate her energy and teaching styles, incorporating her techniques into their own curriculums, and seeing her as a mentor within the school. There is no better candidate for this award to represent our school and district.