Alicia San Nicolas

Holley Navarre Intermediate



With grace and patience, our nominee began serving and mentoring students in our behavior unit in March of 2020. The following school year brought changes for the unit as it moved from behavior to sensory. Our nominee was ready to serve in this new capacity and brought knowledge and passion as she stepped into serving these students. 

She has a constant desire to see students achieve their short- and long-term goals. She advocates for them and is a daily cheerleader encouraging them to meet milestones. Through her role, she provides the perfect balance of love and routine as she prepares each student for their next transition. This individual possesses a heart of empathy that extends to all types of students. She leaves students with the feeling of importance and belonging. She strives to engage each student finding what works best for them. She often thinks outside the box creating new strategies to better assist struggling students. She inspires her students to achieve the unthinkable and is there to support them each step of the way.

Our nominee repeatedly volunteers with a happy heart for after school activities and events such as Open House, Literacy Night, and STEAM Night. During quarantines and remote learning due to COVID-19, our nominee was available to support staff, students, and families however possible. In addition, she serves on our Sunshine Committee assisting to bring joy, laughter, and gratitude to our Seahawk Staff. It is with great honor that we nominate her.