Lois Marange

Hobbs Middle School



Our SREY is an absolute gem of a person and an integral part of the success of our school and our students.  As the course recovery paraprofessional for our school, she works with our students who struggle significantly with academics, to ensure that they can still be successful despite their struggles.  Most of our students are successful without additional help, but some need extra support, extra care, and extra love.  Our SREY gives all of these, to these students who have fallen behind with school, in a way that both holds them accountable and, at the same time, moves them to success and recovery.

Additionally, our SREY just helps.  There is not a task or duty she turns down; she is always working and always works.  She covers crosswalk duty, lunch duty, and bus duty.  She has helped cover the front desk, and regularly covers classes when we are without substitutes.  Our in-school suspension teacher is absent?  She helps cover that, too.

Through all of this, her focus is our students.  There is not a moment that slips by, without her connecting to a student, in some way.  She is invested in engaging our students, and always goes above to connect with them, to teach them, and to love them.

Our SREY is invaluable to our campus.  She is a spirit that influences all, and she is more than worthwhile of her recognition as our SREY.