Brooke Good

Gulf Breeze Middle



Our nominee for School Related Employee of the Year serves in many roles at our school because of her strong interpersonal skills, professionalism, and has an excellent rapport with students, parents, faculty, and staff.  She helps make sure our school is working in a professional manner.  She assists in coverage for subs and makes sure each sub has the proper paperwork and keys to perform their duties.  During testing season, she helps with the organization of coverage for classes and gives breaks to any test administrators.  She is in charge of collecting money for fundraisers for cancer and other worthy causes.  She serves as our secretary for our School Advisory Council and is responsible for sending the minutes to the district office.  Her genuine personality is infectious which causes the many people she interacts with daily to be drawn to her.  She is the perfect face for most of our visitors to see as they enter our school.  She performs all of these duties while her son is battling brain cancer.  She is an inspiration to us all at our school.  She tries to keep her absences to a minimum even though we want her to take care of her son.  We are very fortunate to have our SREY at our school and value her as an employee and, more importantly, as a person.