Tamara Salgado

Gulf Breeze Elementary School



Our nominee is a jack of all trades who is always willing to jump in and help anyone with anything!  From the moment she arrives at our school, she quickly starts answering the phones and helps all callers with simple questions-from when lunch starts to the even more unique questions that no one can even predict.  Then comes class coverages; she is a master scheduler and always makes our coverage issues seem tiny. It is not unusual to see her covering multiple classes during the day.  Lunch might seem like the most difficult coverage, but not for our nominee.  She has a way of talking with everyone and making lunch duty be the best duty for the day-she is a miracle worker!  Toss in marking attendance, Covid tracing, and parent interaction at our front desk, she never appears frazzled.  Our nominee is very well respected by our students, parents, and most importantly our entire faculty and staff!  From the moment she joined us, she has quickly turned into a go-to person for our entire staff. We are so proud of her and truly know that she will be an outstanding district SREY winner!