Amanda and Leslie

Amanda Jones

Food Service Employee of the Year

     Like so many other departments, the past year has been full of transitions and pivots. Just days before the school year was to start, one of our managers had to suddenly move out of state to be with family.   It is not an easy task to fill a management position at any school, nevertheless a high-volume high school.  As the HR team was scrolling through names of potential candidates, Amanda showed up stating “I want to give it a try”. We were very fortunate that Amanda was enthusiastic about the challenge.

    Amanda had only been with us since Spring of 2021.  Amanda jumped into this new position with grace, positive attitude, and dignity.  Amanda exemplifies the standards and culture of Santa Rosa County and Sodexo.  She continues to want to teach and learn.  She is “service driven” and tries to make everything better for others before herself.    She treats every employee with respect and believes that everyone can become better at their position each day.  Amanda takes pride in recognizing her staff, and even goes out of her way to recognize them, even for the little things, like showing up to work on time. She greets all her employees when they arrive and wishes them well before they leave each day.   She enjoys celebrating every accomplishment with her team.   As the manager of a high-volume high school, she understands the importance of teamwork and realizes her responsibility is to be a leader that is easily approachable, understanding, and fair.
    Amanda values people and her relationships with the faculty and staff at Milton High.  Even with her busy schedule and deadlines, she makes it a point to try to greet all her students during lunch.  Amanda will solicit feedback from students by asking them if they enjoyed the offerings so that she may use that valuable feedback for planning and production purposes.
    She is truly deserving of this honor and I believe this will strengthen her desire to achieve any goals for herself and her team in the future. We are honored to have her on our team and serve next to her.