Chris Cortez

Custodial Employee of the Year

Chris Cortez has been a custodian working for the Santa Rosa County District Schools since August of 2012.  He is currently doing an outstanding job as Day Porter at Dixon Intermediate in Pace. 

Chris’s mother and father both worked as custodians in Santa Rosa.  His stepmother is a custodian at King Middle school. Chris is continuing his family legacy of service to the community through custodial work. 

Chris started his custodial career at Pace High School and has been assigned to Avalon Middle School and Pea Ridge Elementary.  Since Chris’ assignment at Dixon Intermediate, he has become an integral part of the school’s faculty.  He is beloved by the school’s administration, teachers, children and other members of the custodial staff.   

Chris chose the custodial career path because it is more than just a job. He likes the hours the Day Porter position allows.  He loves the interaction with the staff and truly feels part of the school’s family.  No task is too big or too small.  Chris is always available and shows up to work upbeat and motivated to provide the best service possible. Chris’ always has an infectious upbeat attitude as he takes on a wide variety of custodial tasks each day.

Chris has demonstrated the qualities that any custodian should strive to exhibit.  He never has an unkind word and is selfless in his actions.  His achievements recently included being a member of the custodial team that was chosen for the “Clean School of the Month” award for January 2022.

Please congratulate Chris on his success when you get the chance.  You will likely find him beautifying the school, working on a project for Principal Floyd, or helping a wayward student.  The custodial profession and community are lucky to have Chris Cortez and many more like him working in our schools.

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