Myranda Soutullo




Our nomination for school related employee of the year is one of the most energetic people you will ever meet.  She can do it all. This employee has just recently switched to a new position within our school and has never skipped a beat.  Each morning she begins her duties by greeting and hugging our students and welcoming them into the school for the day.  Iíll be honest, she works just like a worker bee.  Most of the time, we canít even locate her, because sheís taken on a task that we are not aware of. 
Before taking on her new position in our school, her daily activities would have consisted of copying papers for teachers, working with students in groups on reading or math, supervising a classroom while a teacher was in a meeting, assisting with lunch duties, hallway duty, assisting our PE coach with classes, creating some kind of document in excel to make our lives easier, running notes from the front office or just offering any assistance she could to help a co-worker in need.  Now you can find her assisting guidance with any task that she can help with and all the other duties that were listed above.  Oh, did I mention that when she leaves here, she coaches volleyball for a high school and a travel ball team.  Our nominee deserves this honor because she is a loving, energetic, patient, hardworking, individual who is truly a, dream come true, for our school!