Tina Beyers

Bagdad Elementary School


This year our school theme/motto is "Under the Sea of Learning!" Our SREY nominee dives right in! She begins with a big smile as she opens car doors at Parent Pick Up. She knows all the students and they surely know her. Parents and students love her, and it is because of her that we get special treats from our parents. Woohoo!!!

Once she is done with getting students safely out of cars, she is ready to help problem solve the challenges of the day! With safety being top priority, the school doors are locked all day. Our nominee often runs back and forth to get students for several reasons. She is familiar with our students, so the staff feels very comfortable calling on her to help a child in need of clothes, shoes, or food. She is just a "good for soul" type person and instrumental in the success of our PBS/House System, Backpack Club and Hospitality committee. Part of her day is spent covering lunch duty where she serves up smiles to students along with their needs. She can also be relied upon to help with many other important school tasks such as Testing, MTSS, Truancy and McKinney Vento because no task is too big for her!

She then ends the day as she started by cheerfully opening car doors to give students back to their parents. Her smile puts our parents at ease and our school is a better place because of our outstanding SREY nominee.