Bryan Gabbard

Administration Support Complex


Our nominee has an outstanding professional work ethic.  In the short time that our nominee has been employed by our department, he has attended numerous educational offerings and conferences within the profession.  These are not mandatory; however, he is always willing to improve his skills to be a better employee.  During our current transition he realized how much our department would be overwhelmed, so without much additional guidance he dove in created a plan of action and began training the new employees on their responsibilities.   Seamless is how I would describe the transition of employees.  He had thought of everything: computer equipment, software, written materials, supplies, phones, passwords, email accounts, etc. EVERYTHING.  Each time his supervisor questioned if a process had been included in the training the answer would be, “I have already taken care of that”.  Our nominee is always thinking of how to make the process better for the end user as well as the department.  He takes constructive criticism and uses it as a positive to move forward.  He is an invaluable asset to the district.  Since his start in our department, he has realized the power of his professional network.  He researches projects assigned by reaching out to many other districts.  Their headaches become a useful tool in the toolbox.   This allows him to retrieve best value contracts that our district can implement. The outcome is at least a five-year cost savings contract.   Let’s just say that over the last four years he has saved the district three times his salary.