Thomas Hofius

Woodlawn Beach Middle School

Our SREY serves as the In-School Suspension (ISS) Paraprofessional. He has a unique perspective on classroom management with an eye towards self-respect and respect of those around them. He focuses on mentoring the students and one on one conversation. He is consistent in letting the students know that the school personnel are there for them. His primary responsibility is to keep students on track with their school lessons while they are separated from their teachers and classmates. He has the philosophy that each student deserves to be better than their environment and helps them make better daily choices to improve their view of the world each day. His effective and efficient management skills allow for ISS students to keep pace with their class curriculum and not fall behind with their subject assignments. First thing in the morning, he assembles the daily assignments for those assigned to ISS for the day. Before the school day begins, he helps on the bus ramp by keeping track of the buses as they drop off students for a new day at school. He keeps safety and school security at the forefront at all times greeting more than 700 students daily. He also serves as the Facilitator for the Code of Conduct sessions administered to students. Many mornings, he is helping new students remote, and online returning students, by administering more than 22 new student Code of Conduct lessons. Our nominee also serves as Hallway Monitor.  In between classes, he ensures continuous and steady student movement.  Keeping safety in mind, he has ensured zero mishaps during his watch.  In the afternoon, he has the daily perk of seeing the students catch their buses to go home. Here on campus, there are over 700 bus riders. Our SREY improved upon a system so the students can quickly locate their bus on the ramp and ensure that the buses are exiting campus in a safe and seamless manner. In his spare time, he helps with a middle school youth program at his church, where he has been in this role since 2002. Currently, he is pursuing his teacher certification in the State of Florida. Having retired from a 30-year career as a Federal Air Traffic Controller, he is well suited for the constantly changing environment in the ISS room. We are proud to recommend him for Santa Rosa County School Related Employee of the Year!