Transportation of the Year

Suzanne Forester

A friend to student and co-worker alike. Her enthusiastic character and positive attitude is clearly apparent every day. Our employee of the year works in all types of inclement weather but that does not keep her from getting the job done. She is a bus driver and Double Child Checker at the Pace Compound. She is an invaluable asset and always working to get better at her job. Suzanne is the birthday fairy! She decorates every employees bus when it's their birthday. Her co-workers will tell you that there is no better employee and above all no better person. She is a shining example of what being an employee of the year is all about. The Santa Rosa County School District continually soars above all other school districts because of employees like our employee of the year. Transportation is so fortunate to have her and we could not have chosen a more deserving employee. It is an honor well deserved and our great pleasure to recognize her as our employee of the year.