Liberty Daniels

Technical Support Services

Our nominee for SREY has been described by her coworkers as a proven leader who is a team-player, dedicated, tenacious, organized, flexible, and empathetic.  As a member of the COW team, she assisted in processing over six hundred COWs.  This includes imaging laptops, configuring printers, assembling COW carts, documenting specifications, and tracking data on each device.  After being appointed as the leader of the COW team, and with the onset of the pandemic, her team’s workload increased dramatically.  Her tenacious leadership skills have led her team in an unprecedented accomplishment of processing over five thousand laptops for COW upgrades and remote learning.  Her ability to remain flexible and goal oriented with the ever-changing demand for remote devices has been an asset for the entire school district.  Working after hours when needed to finalize device preparations, proves her dedication to the enhancement of the remote students’ learning environment.  Her organizational skills have proven invaluable for generating detailed daily reports for her supervisors regarding the unstoppable rotation of devices for students and staff.  Even with the tremendous workload, she maintains a cheerful and compassionate disposition with her coworkers.  Her sincere smile and encouraging words are inspiring.  Our coworker’s uncompromising work ethics is why we nominate her for Santa Rosa’s Employee of the Year.