Glenda Cumbie

Thomas L. Sims Middle School


A school health technician's job is not always pretty.  You are not called in to see the pretty picture a kid drew or praise a child for making the most outstanding science project.  As a health tech., you deal with upset stomachs, fevers, runny noses, critters crawling through hair and an occasional rush down the hallway with a wheelchair.  Also, you deal with upset parents, potentially infected kids during a pandemic and possibly being the deciding factor between a child missing the afternoon due to a sinus headache or two weeks off campus pending the results of a nasal swab.  Sometimes, you are the individual who stands in as the comforting mother until mom can get off work or the shoulder to cry on for a child with a severe tooth ache because parents cannot afford proper dental care.  In addition to all of this, our health technician has the compassion, soft-spoken voice and overall kindness that soothes the sickest children and calms the angriest of parents.  Our school is blessed to have her every day.