Barbara Baker

S.S. Dixon Primary School


Our nominee maintains a positive attitude and calm disposition in all situations. She respects all school stakeholders and strives to make our teachers’ jobs easier.  Our nominee provides accurate information to parents, staff, and administration regarding attendance, enrollment, and FTE.  One example of the way our nominee goes above normal work duties and functions is that she is dedicated to completing a job once she starts. Over the summer, she devoted hundreds of hours to ensuring enrollment was accurately reflected in Focus and master schedules were complete.  She recognizes the importance of teamwork and supports teachers in order to allow them to focus on teaching.  Our nominee is a leader amongst other clerical data personnel and is often called upon for guidance. She is always willing to meet with her colleagues and spends time helping them work through situations.  Another area in which our nominee shines is her interaction with students and parents. Each morning, rain or shine, hot or cold, she is the first person our parents see as they bring their children to school.  She greets them with a smile on her face and keeps the car line running smoothly.  Our students and parents look forward to seeing her each day. She also has a special ability to calm disgruntled parents.  She is relatable, easy to talk to, and respectful and our parents respond positively to her.  We are proud to have her represent SS Dixon Primary School as our School Related Employee of the Year.