Santa Rosa District Employee of the Year

Tracy Merritt

         TR Jackson Pre-K Center


This employee came to us as a nerdy bookkeeper type.  She has blossomed into the doer of all things needed on our campus.  She can do anything! Her most recent challenge has been to repair our laminator since the vendor rep has recently retired. As the assistant bookkeeper she doesn't want us to purchase a new one when she can fix the old one!   She is also always willing to cover classes when necessary and to lend a hand and make a spectacular bulletin board.  Scavenger hunts for our pre-k children were started several years ago by her with a Frozen theme.  The children loved it and learned so much!  She also loves data and is very important to our VPK program with the entering and interpretation of the data from our assessments.  Did I mention that she is highly intelligent and can figure out just about any problem that we may have?  Another great thing about this employee is that she started a scholarship fund for parents who wanted to become substitutes but did not have the funds to apply.  This has been highly successful and many of our parents have become excellent subs.  Well, this “Jack of all Trades” is an inspiration to us all and we love having her as part of our school family.