Vikki Williamson

Santa Rosa Blended Academy


The 2020-2021 school year has brought unique challenges and difficulties for many schools, especially ours. Our school has felt the pains of exponential growth and many changes. Thankfully for us, we have been incredibly blessed with an employee who is positive, knowledgeable, and professional, and she goes above the call of duty, each day. As the only secretary in our office, she manages our office with grace, honesty, and a lot of hard work. Our nominee makes certain that our students, their families, and our faculty and staff are all well-taken care of. Daily, she provides important information to our stakeholders, and she is always trusted to do so. She is willing to lend a hand, to assist a co-worker, and research various situations and questions. We believe that our SREY is the most dedicated employee in Santa Rosa County School District, and much of the success of our school is because of our nominee. Our SREY nominee is vital to our school, she is so important to our district, and she is more than worthwhile of her recognition as our SREY.