Nathan Davis

Oriole Beach Elementary


Our school's nominee is quite simply the best! Humble. Hard working. Kind. Soft-spoken. Helpful. Observant.  His official job title is day porter/custodian but he does not stop at this job title- he is a part of the heart and positive culture of our school. Our nominee helps in the cafeteria as is expected, but what he does that is extraordinary occurs all the time... if the cafeteria folks are short on staff, he will help getting the students through the line. He will stop, briefly sit down and converse with our precious students as they eat their lunch, especially if a student is sitting by him or herself. The children at our school love our nominee - he goes above and beyond to make sure they are happy and the staff is happy, as well. Our nominee seeks ways to be helpful for our teachers and staff... he frequently goes walking through the halls, checking in on people to see if anyone needs anything. If you ask him for something he does it. If we need anything he will bring it. He never complains about anything. It is obvious he loves his job and we love having him as part of our family.