Odemaris Morales

Navarre High School


Odemaris Morales is a fabulous employee, and we are so lucky to have her on our Raider Team! Odemaris is extremely organized and meticulous, especially when it comes to her standardized testing responsibilities and documentation. Everyone knows standardized testing is NOT FUN and planning for it at a school the size of Navarre High is like planning a wedding event each time! Odemaris takes initiative and “handles the business” of her testing duties with professionalism and poise. Because of her above and beyond abilities and accuracy within her work, she serves as a resource to the district Testing Coordinator, who looks to her for input and assistance with newly-appointed testing personnel. Odemaris shows genuine care toward students and offers them assurance and encouragement as they enter the testing environment as she knows how nervous some of them get, and she is aware that many of the tests they take are required for graduation from high school. Her tracking of students, their test scores, and their participation in testing is vital to their overall ability to obtain a diploma. In addition to her superior organizational talents, Odemaris is FUN, HAPPY, and HELPFUL! She is more than willing to serve in any capacity that is needed on a day-to-day basis. Her positive attitude, reliability, and precision in her work make her standout! When she’s not engrossed in testing duties, you can find her decorating the office doors for Christmas or making a wreath to hang in the hallway. She is so talented and an absolute joy to work alongside! We are proud to call her a Raider!!!