Katie Byrd



Our employee of the year is not like the rest!  She is the type of employee you strive to be like.  She is the type of employee that all other departments envy.  Our choice for employee of the year is one who quietly and with no question tackles any task she is assigned with a smile and simple " I GOT THIS"!! She is enthusiastic and always treats all with dignity and respect and goes above and beyond to accommodate anyone who asks her for help.  There is never any question about her abilities there is NOTHING this employee can't do.  Our employee of the year goes above and beyond to make sure supervision and technicians always have what they need to keep our department running like a well-maintained machine.  No task is too difficult for our employee of the year just give it to her and consider it done.  She always continues to further her knowledge on different programs learning the methods needed to help the technicians be more efficient which saves the school district both time and money.  Our employee of the year is the definition of being a team player.  Her fellow employees will tell you that there is no better employee and above all no better person.  She is a shining example of what being an employee of the year is all about.  The Santa Rosa County School District continually soars above all other School Districts because of employees like our employee of the year.  Our department is so fortunate to have her, and we could not have chosen a more deserving candidate.