Shannon Cooper

    Hobbs Middle School


Our SREY is an absolute gem of a person and an integral part of the success of our school and our students.  As the production staff for our school, she is the ultimate of support staff.  She is daily tasked to meet the needs of our faculty and staff.  The production office isnít just copying.  Trust me, Iíve tried to use that machine, itís not easy!  Itís copies, itís laminating, itís cutting, itís producing, itís converting, itís organizing, itís color coding, itís all of it. But more than that, our SREY works hard to support our students.  Sheís frequently found outside the production office, working with students.  In the hallways, in the cafeteria, in classrooms, our SREY builds relationships with students and helps support them, too.  Our SREY is support, but she is far more than that.  She is a problem solver, an influencer, a teacher, a friend, and an amazing person. Our SREY is invaluable to our campus.  She is a spirit that influences all, and she is more than worthwhile of her recognition as our SREY.