Food Service Employee of the Year

Brandy Warr


Brandy Warr is our 2021 Food Service Employee of the year.  Brandy is currently the cafeteria manager at Gulf Breeze Middle, when asked by her co- workers to describe Brandy, they often will describe Brandy as compassionate and caring.  Brandy cares about her co- workers, even the ones she has not met.  When asked by her leadership team to describe her, they often state that she reminds them of a servant leader…always putting others ahead of herself.  Brandy has only been in the food service department for 7 years but has made a huge positive impact on several schools.   During one of her interviews, Brandy stated that one of her goals was to helps others enjoy their job as much as she does. 

Recently when food services were challenged with staff shortages, Brandy began assisting with training newly hired staff. Brandy was thrilled with the challenge and has successfully trained several new potential managers.  Each new manager has come away with an exhilarating experience and stated that Brandy was the key to their successful training. 

Brandy will often initiate a valuable shortcut or develop a cheat sheet and share with all managers.  Her cheat sheets are universal, and our diverse workforce benefits from these tools.

When times get tough, Brandy will jump in with both feet, despite her own challenges.  When a co- worker was trying to provide virtual meals while also juggling other demands, here enters Brandy, who sat outside in the torrential rain and handed meals out for another school.   Not a single word of complaint. She was more excited about meeting the virtual students that the weather never affected her. 

Brandy is a forward thinker who provides details that are so elaborate that you think she was a novelist. The time and thought that she puts into each detail is very telling of her passion to serve! She enjoys mentoring other mangers, and when asked, many of her managers will state…” I want to be like Brandy”!

Brandy was selected by many of her peers, some of whom worked directly with her and have spent years with her, but she was also selected by her peers that had only known her for a few hours.  That is the impact Brandy has on you…her warmth and passion are contagious!  Our department would not be what it is today without her leadership, her compassion and her dedication.

Congratulations Brandy! We are honored to serve next to you.