Tiffany Denham


Our school nominee is the epitome of the cliché of “Going Above and Beyond.”  There has never been a time that she has not offered to assist in any situation where she knows help is needed.  She is still in the early stages of her position, this being her first full year, yet she doesn’t focus simply on that one position.  She ensures that the duties of her primary position are covered; however, she is quick to provide any assistance necessary to ensure that the office operates efficiently.  Her concern for kids and their welfare is remarkable.   Whether it is addressing minor injuries, calling a parent, or just providing a word of comfort or encouragement, she does it all with finesse.  She makes sure that all employees have everything they need as well.  She volunteers to help with lunch duty, front office duty, passing out afternoon bus notes, anything that needs to be done.   without request, she just jumps right in and does whatever is needed at the time.  One specific example of her willingness to help was when one of our students had a seizure on the playground.  Her medical background came into play as she was quickly on the scene to assist the school health tech in administering the medication he so desperately needed.  She continued to remain with the student, reassuring him that he was all right and everything would be fine.  She could easily have chosen to remain in the front office area and let someone else assist, but again, her concern for student welfare prompted her to respond.  Oh, by the way, I failed to mention her primary job is bookkeeper.  These are just some of the many reasons why I highly recommend her to be selected as the Santa Rosa County SREY.