Nicole Constant

Bagdad Elementary

This year our school theme is country western and our motto is “Gonna Have a Rootin’ Tootin’ Good Year!” Well, our SREY nominee is instrumental in making this a reality! From the minute she walks through the door, she is on a mission. Her initial mission is to greet all stakeholders with a big smile as she opens car doors at parent pick up. She knows all the students and they surely know her. Many students feel lucky when they land at her stop! Administration often hears positive feedback from parents regarding how she makes their family feel each day. Her mission possible attitude then makes its way to the classrooms, where she really lassoes learning! From working with a small group in reading or math, to playing engaging academic games to help students, this staff member knows how to giddy up! The students gravitate toward her and look forward to her being a part of their daily instruction. When you enter classrooms, it’s often hard to tell who the teacher is because she might be doing a song and dance with the students on sight words, phonics, and so much more! This spirit carries over to the cafeteria where she spends more time loving on students during lunch duty. She then ends the day as she started by cheerfully opening car doors to give students back to their parents. Her smile puts our parents at ease and our school is a better place because of our outstanding SREY nominee.