Trish Eaton-Bull

Berryhill Elementary School

Our nominee is the heart beat of our Guidance Department.  She provides unparalleled communication with parents in reference to their children and their attendance.  She is the first face many of our students see when entering the building as she is on hand to ensure a smooth transition from home to school each day.  She promotes our literacy initiative by dressing as book characters, reading to classes and working our annual Book Fair.  She tackles the day-to-day Guidance duties with a positive and professional manner that is indicative of her personality.  She knows each student by name and is always the first to volunteer when help is needed throughout the school.  Our faculty and staff are awed by her positive nature and unwavering dedication to our school and our families.  We once had a student who loved state maps (he spent PE with her due to a medical issue).  She learned of this love and made sure he had a fresh map of a different state to color each day he visited her office and encouraged in depth conversations with him about each state.  Our nominee provides so much more than assistance to our Guidance Department, she provides the glue that bonds our faculty, staff and students to a central passion...our love of our students and school.