Johnnie Wolfe

Substitute Employee of The Year

Jay High School has recognized Johnnie Wolfe as Santa Rosa’s Substitute of the Year.  Mr. Wolfe is a retired educator with 42 years of classroom teaching experience.  He has touched the lives of many students in the Santa Rosa County School District, Escambia County Alabama,  Jefferson Davis Community College and Locklin Tech.  He was nominated twice for Teacher of the Year and was County Runner-up for 1 year.  His passion as an educator does not stop in the classroom.  Mr. Wolfe has been a tutor for current students and students who have been in his classes in the past. 

As a substitute Mr. Wolfe answers the call time and time again to assist Jay High School with little to no notice that he is needed.  When asked why he substitutes, Mr. Wolfe responded, “I believe I still have a lot to offer students, and I know teachers appreciate having someone in the classroom that can actually teach a mathematics lesson.”  He is always punctual and conducts himself with the upmost professionalism.  Without a doubt, Jay High School provides a better education to our students because of the dedication of Mr. Johnnie Wolfe.

Aside from being an educator, Mr. Wolfe is also an active member in his church and his surrounding community.  He served as a little league coach for t-ball and basketball when his children were young.

Johnnie is very family oriented and has been married to Judy Wolfe for 46 years.  They have three sons, Jonathan, Jason and Jarred and two granddaughters, Hanna and Tanna.  He enjoys camping, jogging and was an advent runner.