Paula Hendrix

West Navarre Primary School


Her value to our students and school are best stated through someone who has worked alongside her and has seen her contributions each day. This person says that there is no one more deserving of this award than our nominee. She is the most dedicated, hardworking, and caring paraprofessional I know. She values the relationships not only with her students but also her co-workers and parents. It is obvious how much she cares for and values her students by the hours and efforts she puts in to see them succeed; spending one day with her and seeing the way the kids respond to her and interact with her is truly something special. Our nominee always puts her students first and does everything in her power to make sure her students are happy and successful whether itís getting on the floor with them to read, creating new strategies to better help struggling students understand new concepts, or even spending her own money for supplies and materials to better support her students.

She is extremely engaging to her students and they respond amazingly well to her because of her willingness to get up, act out, model and demonstrate new concepts and ideas until her students grasp them. Students know that our nominee is in their corner and wants them to succeed and they know how much she cares and thatís why they love her the way they do.