Andrea Miracle

S.S. Dixon Primary School


Our nominee has the position of Guidance Assessment Assistant and has been part of the SSDP family for 3 years. She creates a culture of caring and creativity. Every morning she greets bus riders with a smile, hug, and encouragement. She looks out for tearful students, inappropriate clothes for the weather or a missing backpack. She facilitates our Beary Christmas program. Her diligence guarantees each child will receive a new blanket, shoes, pajamas, and books. She contacted community partners and citizens to contribute for the benefit of needy students. She creates a testing atmosphere that is low stress, consistent and calming for students and teachers. This impacts our student's scores ensuring the best environment for our students. She is everyone's go to girl! With a cheerful attitude, and an infectious laugh she does everything from filling in for the front office secretary to covering check-in-check-outs for the Behavior Coach. She serves with her heart and does everything with love. She looks to show appreciation to staff, students, and bus drivers like having a cart to deliver treats to teachers on busy days and promotes relationships by taking pictures for a staff bulletin board, so we know who everyone is around school. She noticed girls without a positive influence in their lives. She started a group to do creative projects and pour attention into the lives of these girls. We call this group "Moments with Miracle". They loved their time to chat about things going on and the bond they developed.