Deputy Brian Middleton

Pace High School


Our nominee is a good man, a good friend, a good dad, and a good role model for students. A public servant outside of school, our “man in green” is highly involved in school life. With building student relationships as his priority, he invests in kids and finds ways to connect with them – as an employee and as a volunteer. Volunteering to help coach freshmen football gives him an opportunity to build relationships with incoming students. He earns their trust and serves as a positive influence for their entire high school career. He also reaches out to students who haven’t found a place to fit into high school life. He knows them well, but more importantly, they know him. Our nominee encourages kids who struggle with a variety of challenges and provides positive examples of the importance of staying in school.  They see beyond his badge to see someone they trust, and he makes them feel comfortable. Respected by students, staff, and the community, our nominee works alongside deans, administrators, and guidance counselors to assist our school’s families through private and public challenges. His dedication as a father bleeds over into his commitment to our 2000+ students, and they love him for it. Willing to take center stage at our homecoming pep rally, he dances and the crowd goes wild. If there is a need, he is willing to help fill it, even if it means staying late or traveling with organizations to sporting events or providing security when needed. This relationship builder is a key figure in our school safety endeavors. All who know him know these two things: he has a caring heart and a desire to serve his community.