Ashlea Carter

Oriole Beach Elementary


Our nominee has a dedication to doing things correctly and with heart that sets her apart from others. From the minute she arrives at school until the time that she leaves each day, our nominee is always willing to step in where needed. She should be considered for this award because she brings her work ethic to all things. She is awesome and just about the hardest worker here. She is nice to all and will always give a helping hand to fellow co-workers. We are proud to work with someone who holds these attributes and easily goes through each and every day giving 100% to the students here at our school. Our nominee is an outstanding paraprofessional & what an asset she is to our school! Her dedication to her students is exemplary - she is always searching for new ideas and strategies to help students. She supports students with challenging behaviors in a firm yet loving way. When students move from our PreK program into a general education kindergarten they are more than ready successfully socialize, follow the routines and procedures of the classroom, and participate in academic tasks/learning. Thank you for considering our nominee for this aware she is a true winner in our book!