Carmen Febus

Navarre High School


This individual exemplifies what it means to ďserveĒ within the Santa Rosa County School District. In this individualís 19 year career at our school, they have proven to have a positive impact on the students, faculty, and the whole community they encounter on a daily basis. On any given day you can find this person with a smile on their face and a word of encouragement; mentoring students for a myriad of reasons; using a variety of methods intended to bring out the best in each child! This personís own passion is working with those students who have severe and/or emotional disabilities, as well as our after-care students. This individual possesses a heart of empathy that transcends to reach all types of students, as well as, build and establish a strong bond and positive rapport; leaving students with a feeling of importance and belonging. In addition, this individual has been an integral part of innovative and forward-thinking ideas that are placing our school on the map. From co-sponsoring bullying prevention programs like Unity Day and drunk driving awareness programs like Prom Promise and SADD, this individual showcases a servantís heart in all she touches. This person employs these same attributes in a manner that promotes collaboration, teamwork, and collegiality among peers and works hand-in-hand with faculty and staff members and community leaders in a variety of settings both in, and out of school. You would be hard pressed to find a day when this personís bright smile and infectious personality did not impact someone on our campus.