Kimberly Scalberg

Hobbs Middle School


Our SREY is an absolute gem of a person and an integral part of the success of our school and our students. As secretary at the front desk, she manages the front office area with positivity and precision. Just think through what a day is like for the front office staff at a school. No, not even a day, think through what even just a morning is like. There is no end to the barrage of students and families coming through in the morning. Phone calls to be answered, traffic to be directed, the students late to school checking in, the parents dropping off lunches, the visitors that need to be buzzed in, the volunteers that need to be screened. But still, our nominee keeps positive, professional, and polished.

She easily triages any situation, gathers information, and makes important decisions. She is trusted to do so. So trusted, that she has also been tasked by administration to lead many other projects on campus. She leads our ‘Student of the Week’ program. She created and implemented a ‘Lunch Duty’ task force, to help implement cafeteria policies and procedures. She works directly on implementing safety initiatives such as ensuring that all classrooms are properly labeled with room number and name. She manages the ‘All About You’ faculty and staff recognition program.

Our SREY is invaluable to our campus. She is a spirit that influences all, and she is more than worthwhile of her recognition as our SREY.