Colleen Hosaka

Holley Navarre Primary

Our SREY exemplifies excellence in all she does. She is often the first smiling face with whom our students and families interact as she welcomes tardy students to school. In that process, she establishes critical relationships with them and often identifies areas of need so that our school can best support our families. In addition to her responsibilities in making our universal screener testing go seamlessly, she manages the distribution of food items each week to students in need, also ensuring that holiday needs are met. She is the consummate professional, and her positivity and energy is infectious. She happily performs her required duties and also goes above and beyond the “above and beyond.” Her level of initiative is unmatched, and she anticipates ways to improve our school on a consistent basis. She is conscientious beyond measure, and truly infuses our school with her generous and loving spirit. As a member of our SAC, she contributes to ideas that make our school more secure for our students while developing relationships with our community partners. We are honored to have her as our SREY.