Gulf Breeze High School


Our nominee is fairly new to our school but has fit in perfectly from day one. They are always more than willing to take on more than what is asked or expected. You can bet that when a request goes out for extra help, they are one of our first responders. Our person spends most of the day with students that might need a little more personal supervision.

When you see them around the school together, our person displays nothing but patience and professionalism. Our nomineeís first duty of the day begins outside, and no matter the weather or the situation, never a complaint. Our nomineeís dedication to our school isnít limited to school hours, they spend their personal time helping outside of regular school hours with extra-curricular activities that happen to be going on at various times of the school year.


This person is always kind, never fails to greet everyone they pass, truly a positive influence on us all. We are extremely happy to present to you the Santa Rosa School Related Employee of the Year!!