Tiffiny Black

Gulf Breeze Elementary


This nominee is someone who never says “No” to a request or a challenge and never complains when she is asked to participate in tasks outside her normal job description as well as a veteran, military wife and mother to two girls. She willingly and energetically has helped at our school in numerous ways such as in the area of technology. She began working at this school several years ago setting up teacher’s computer work stations and assisting teachers with technology. The nominee is a member of this years School Advisory Council as well as the Para-Professional representative for the Safety Committee.

She enthusiastically participates in every training she can. She is always trying to learn all she can to help the students in our class. If asked to find a learning activity, make a classroom chart or design and put up a bulletin board the task is completed before her co-workers have even thought twice about it. Some may consider her “Wonder Woman”.

This nominee has a great deal of technical knowledge. This skill enables us to enhance our students’ learning experience with iPad and computer-based activities. She is knowledgeable in making adjustments and additions to the iPad communication applications we use with several children in our Exceptional Student Education Pre-K classroom.

This nominee is creative when it comes to encouraging positive behaviors and diminishing the undesirable ones in all the students. With all her daily duties she is also a veteran, military wife and mother to two girls.